The 12 Shoes Every Man Should Own

The 12 Shoes Every Man Should Own

The average man owns about a dozen pairs of shoes. These are what you might call the man's wardrobe essentials.

So, if you had to have exactly a dozen pairs, what would you go with? What should every guy go with?

Here are some shoes every man should own. Think of them as the foundation, both literal and figurative of a lifetime of style, no matter the occasion.


1. Brogues

Think of them as your workhorse shoe. Perfect with everything from jeans to suits.


2. Black Cap-Toe Oxfords

Your can't-miss option for every dressed-up occasion


3. Dress Boots

Perfect for the "suited and booted" look.


4. Casual Boots

For those bad weather days. Or for just looking cool.


5. Desert Boots

Your go-to option for a casual everyday outfit.


6. Plain-Toe Derbies

Because sometimes you want something a little bit dressed up. But not too dressed up.


7. Loafers

A classic American or Italian shoe.


8. Minimalist Sneakers

They're perfect for the office, the bar and the weekend.


9. Technical Sneakers

For your daily run-be it around the track or to the local watering hole after work.


10. Throwback Sneakers

They're called classics for a reason.


11. Espadrilles

Because they're a whole lot more stylish than flip-flops.


12. House Slippers

No man should be forced to pad around his place barefoot.

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