Never without your watch

Never without your watch

For the man of style, watches are definitely more than just for telling time, there are laptops and smart devices for that. Today’s timepieces are more about making a very commanding statement. They are about who you are. Or, in some cases, who you aspire to be.

According to Lauren Dimet Waters of Second City Style"Watches have become a part of fashion and an extension of our personality." "But there’s also no denying that they remain, for both men and women, an indicator of one’s status."

So many people are so into watches that the wildly popular TV series “Mad Men” uses classic ’60s timepieces to signal hero Don Draper’s career ascent.

So, if you need help finding the watch that says “you”. Read on!

The Fashionista:
For your woman of style. She's your mum, your sister, your spouse or just special. Everything about her says a lot about you. You need her to be the one whose look everyone around her will be staring and emulating for months to come. Whether it’s to complement her nail polish, riding boots or an armful of bangles. So for her next gift, you need to complement your Fashionista with the perfect luxury watch. One that comes in an accessorizer’s dream choice of colors of the now”.

The Entrepreneur:
Whether you were born, equipped or motivated to lead, inspiring your team as well as potential investors is critical, and your cash flow is equally vital so you need to constantly plow back into your business for your dream growth. For the distinctive and leader you, you can go retro or simply classic. You just cannot afford to go bland and unrecognizable.

The Sporty Guy:
When just about everyone you know owns the same cool electronic gadgets, which is still truer for men than it is for women, that calls for a watch that’s absolutely one-of-a-kind among your friends. The trick is finding one that works just as well with a $3,000 suit as it does with jeans and a tee. Enter breitling-chronomat-automatic-81950-pre-owned, which hits the trifecta with its chronograph, telemeter and tachymeter features on a thick black leather strap. Shop this watch at Marvelous Luxury Watches Quintessential Timepieces, before Sales end in 5 days.

The Individualist:
You come this far, in spite of all the challenges life threw at you, you're still standing, it's time to make that statement! You no longer need to go along to get along, It's time to stand out. That means “yes” to a luxury men’s watch. And to answer one of the most often-asked questions. How many watches does a person need? “As many as you want”.


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